In 1991 the VIVA Service Agency for Models was founded as a company. VIVA was the first agency which received the official permission to mediate models through the Federal Institute for employment. Executive acting partner Andrea Matthias – former model and trained advertising executive – started the company through her own industry experience, through which VIVA developed into a renowned businesswithin Berlin’s fashion landscape as well as the international markets.

Our first offices were in Berlin Charlottenburg and since 2008 we are located in Berlin Mitte at Checkpoint Charlie. The VIVA Team is made up of 4 bookers, 1 graphic designer, 1 accountant and usually one work experience placement. VIVA represents and looks after female and male internationally placed models as a mother agency, as well as international models which are represents by VIVA in Germany. Furthermore, VIVA represents commercial models as well as actors. VIVA works with all big name magazines, photographers and casting agencies in Germany.

Meanwhile stylists and h+m artists, as well as kids and teens are sucessfully mediated through VIVAstyle & Youngermodels.


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