Nikola, what is your origin and where are u from?


Um…Hi, first of all : ))

Yeah…HI….; -)))))) im Serbian.. and not German with Serbian origin.. Did u hear me =P kidding.. i  love there on my fav bookmarks ; -)


so.. My Momma is Macedonian.. Grandma half Greek.. Dads side Serbians.. Tutti!

ps, my mum thinks i have local milkman’s nose….Naughty girl  : )


Born in Belgrade, raised in Belgrade.. spoiled downtown kid.



What are your main interests?


Hard one..well.. i guess..all about arts.. since i used to dance for century… and that involved singing for my ansamble as well.. had to act, lie and cheat during high school education.. would love to try myself in stuff such photography and interior designing….so there u go full  art package =P


Which is your favorite band- musician at the moment?


DO You really ask me this..? hahaha.


Queen B.

Does fashion mean something to you and how would you describe your personal style?

Definitely means a lot. It would be stupid to be in this business and not understand this whole new different world of art.


My personal style….? Wouldn’t know.


Does working in the industry influenced your personal style?


My style has developed nicely during past few years.. That has nothing to do with being a model.. its just part of my growth.. no brain washing included =P


Do you read fashion magazines?


Um… My dad makes me buy all of them with my pics in it.. for his big collection =P so cute. Im happy to make my folks proud and worth having me as a nasty kid.



Are you attracted to models?

Joan Smalls, MARRY ME?!


What was your best job so far?


Lord….. well if i really have to pick One… i guess it would be Gucci shoot in Palm Springs last October.. the way that Mert and Frida make fun of me…..cracks me every time i thing about it… Joan and Karmen.. take me back to time when i was a kid and all those bad things i use to do… on the other side Hailey and Connor…my beloving Divas =P Gen, hitting on ladies he can NOT have =P Tom chasing me to put a bit more sunshield cream… Luigi and his famous : “AkI Serum….” oh, so many stuff i cant even recall now.. The best shoot ever.


What side of business you don’t like so much?


Aeroports and heavy luggage.


How do you prepare yourself for a job?


Wake up, put some load music on,  take a shower. Done.


How do you manage yourself in a new city?


I don’t really think about that.. i have my music playing.. maybe im lucky but.. its all about wondering around  : -) Tra la la..


What is your favorite city?




What is always in your travel luggage?


minors i trade for booze;)





Do u have ur a favorite season of the year?


I would be the happiest man in the world if i was born as an African.. summer all the time. J’adore.


What is a perfect day for u?


Has to be sunny. waking up with my love next to me (no vomit, bitches), gym, brunch, relaxing walk with my sis followed by stomachache caused from laughing, meeting with my crazy group of friends at my mums and dads…cause we all love their sweet goodies, finishing my perfect day the same way it started….if u know what i mean : -)


What kind of house would u like to live in when u get old?


…gonna build a Castle…;)


What do u think being a man is?


braveness and strength while fulfilling dreams and making own fantasies a reality.


What kind of sportsmen do u think have the best bodies?


100m sprint runers and ballet dancers.  Unmistakable.


Do u eat fast or slow?


Who said i eat at all.. 😉  No, kidding..well..normally i  guess..


What kind of food sickens you?




what nationality of food is the most unusual for you?


Asian. sorry guys : -)))


what animal makes u feel at home?


Great fluffy soft cat.


How old do u think ull be when i cant be a model any more?


until i go to ashes : -))


who do u most want to see picture of u?


my grandma. sadly not possible.


describe your body to a blind man?


I dont wanna ; -)


which would u prefer- to be allowed an opinion or never to have to answer questions?


an opinion, of course..





 all pictures by Aline Jaqueline Tappia



  1. Keira Murdock said:

    Oooooh, he is such a funny guy!!! Beautiful and sweat and utterly sexy!! I want hiiim…

  2. Nikola!eu sou a Tania conceição jovanovich moro no brasil mais precisamente na cidade de porto alegre rs região sul do país, e me intereço muito em saber mais a respeito de pessoas do nosso sobrenome que engraçado eu tenho tres filhos a susan que tem 23 anos e o hélton de 18 e ainda o éric de 15 anos e os dois meninos são muito parecidos com voce, responda vamos tentar ter mais contato eu sou uma mulher de 50 anos e já tenho uma netinha de quase 4 aninhos um dia feliz para voce e seja sempre feliz que o sucesso nunca o faça ser indiferente e que sempre orgulhe seus pais não pelo que faz mas pelo que és. até. tania

  3. RedCat430 said:

    He is intelligent and has personality! Very good!

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