Current model of the month Julian Hennig fills us in on his discovery, first-time jitters as a model and helpful advise from the one and only Sean O’.

Where did you grow up?

Julian Hennig: I was born and raised in Berlin. After I turned seventeen, I moved to Oregon (USA) and graduated from South Salem high school before returning to Berlin.

Where do you live now?

Julian Hennig: I swing back and forth between Berlin and Frankfurt, but I prefer Berlin so that is where I spend nearly all of my free time.

How were you discovered?

Julian Hennig: I was found on Myspace by a photographer from Singapore named Skye Tan. He messaged me asking if I had ever considered [getting] into modeling. I thought he was joking at first. But eventually – after several inquiries – I followed his advice and went to VIVA MODELS in Berlin. I felt really misplaced and wasn’t sure they would even sign me. I flew to Paris three days later and VIVA is still my mother agency, so I guess I was wrong :D. I’d like to take this opportunity and say how thankful I am for their good work and support.

When did you actually start modeling?

Julian Hennig: All of this happened just prior to summer show season in Paris in 2007.

What were you doing before modeling?

Julian Hennig: I was still in school, just your average student. Fortunately school came easy to me most of the time so it was no problem missing classes here and there after I had started modeling.

What was your first major gig?

Julian Hennig: My first gig was the YSL show in Paris just a couple days after I was scouted and let me tell you, I was nervous as hell and walked like a stick, haha. Then I opened Dior the day after.

What was the most memorable season?

Julian Hennig: Even though I only did two shows during my first season (YSL & Dior), it was definitely the one I have the best memory of. I lived in a hotel on Champs-Elysees and felt like an alien among all the other models. Sean O. lived in the hotel room next to mine and showed me around Paris and explained the modeling business to me. Everything else is just a blurry clutter of great memories from all the other seasons.



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