german model  andre feulner for o magazine by brendan & brendan….beside beeing a model and a student, andre loves to draw and to illustrate…if you want to know more about it…scroll down..


1. How did your love of illustrating began? Did you come from an artistic background? 

I have always loved drawing, I think since the age of 3 or 4. My grandma always used to draw with me and kind of taught me as well, she has got a very good sense of beauty and dresses nicely. Also other people from my family are into painting and arts in general. A part of my family owns one of Wassily Kandinsky´s former favorite Café in the south of Germany. 


2. Who are some of the artists you respect and inspire by? 

I like and respect many artists. Picasso is my favorite, I also like Kandinsky and George Grozs, Eduardo Paolozzi and Andy Warhol.


3. If there is a period of time in art history you would like to be in, which period would it be and why? 

Not sure but I think Dadaism. Shocking interesting artworks, extravagating artists, love it!


4. Can you describe your process: what prompt you to start sketching, are the subjects usually people/places you are familiar with? 

Anything can start me sketching, a funny mood, interesting people, nice architecture, cool editorials in a magazine.


5. What are the medium you use to illustrate—pen, oil, charcoal pencil? 

Pencils and Acrylic painting.


6. Do you have a titles for each illustration you create?  

If so, could you tell us how you came up with the title for each illustration? 

They´re untitled.


7. What is your most satisfying piece of artwork you have create on your own to date?

My favorite is consisting of a number of paintings and collages, inspired by London, Pop Art artists as well as Dadaism artists.


8. Was it a easy process or did you have to struggle for a long period of time before achieving the finish piece?

It took me quite a while to finish it. Probably about 4 weeks or longer as I kept changing it, repainted things, arranged them differently. I think that’s what it takes to be satisfied in the end. If I look at it now, I want to change it again but it’s back at home in Germany, I’m in London.

9. Do you see yourself leading a potential career in the arts?

It’s only a hobby but I think it may be helpful when I once have my own advertising agency. Creativity is always a plus, isn’t it? I see myself as a creative business-man in the future after university.

10. Define the word “Beauty” from your perspective? What’s beautiful to Andre?

Hard one! I think anything that catches me in a way. Not necessarily nice things. I find paintings from George Grosz beautiful in a way for example. Is that weird?

11. Modeling question: How did you get into the world of modeling? What were you pursuing prior to it?

I got scouted in London, 2 months after graduating from school in Germany. I want to work in Advertising.


12. Your most memorable shoot you have done to date? Could you tell us about it?

In Hamburg, in an old church without a roof, it was constantly cloudy and raining except some very short sunny moments, it was my first shoot even before I started modeling, I was very excited because it was kind of new to me and I expected it to be different. The photographer who shoot me is a good friend.


13. Your motto in life.

I feel like my motto in life is changing all the time! But always positive! I try to make the best out of everything, try to improve, learn new things, try to grow in every way.


Please include 3 of your favorite illustrations and a comment on each to let us know why you chose them as your faves.



I researched a lot for this work, which was very interesting for me. I’ve learned a lot about art from that and it also opened new perspectives to me. I drew it before I moved, one year ago, the places in the paintings are in London though.


A Spanish woman, remorseless, unafraid and timeless.


Drew it during London Fashion week, after the Todd Lynn Show, two models, the one on the right is a good friend. Reminds me of a good time that I had and still have. I enjoy my life at the moment.




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