Do you recall your favorite toy when you are a young kid? Who gave it to you? 

I remember a cuddly toy gorilla named Buba. Santa once gave it to me on Christmas and until today he has his place of honor in my old room.


When did you get this backpack with Elmo on it? Why did you choose it? What’s the feedback or reaction you have gotten from carrying this backpack?

I needed something to carry my book during fashion week. So I decided to buy a small backpack in a little store in Chinatown. Once inside the store, I asked the sales person where the cheapest backpacks were located. After some bargaining, this colorful Elmo backpack was mine. I have been carrying it everywhere. I have been getting a very happy reaction from everyone


What are some of things you must have whenever you are traveling with your backpack?

Not very much…a bottle of water, a book, my casting utensils, and sometimes a camera.


What are your prize possessions?

My key necklace—which is broken at the moment 😦 —all my clothes, my hat, my camera, and of course my lovely MacBook.


What are your thoughts on New York?

I really like New York, it is quite different than being in Europe. New York has its own distinctive charm. I am still exploring the city. Almost every day New York will surprise me with something new. That’s what I like most about this city.

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