Age: 21

How did you get into modeling?

Falco: I applied at Viva

When did you start modeling?

Falco: 2007

What’s to love about Berlin?

Falco: Just look at the variety of people… I love it! Berlin has its very own flair…. Hard to describe!

Your favorite place?

Falco: Prenzlberg!

Most memorable shoot to date?

Falco: A shoot with Enzo Laera. It was awesome and so much fun!

What are you doing outside modeling?

Falco: I study business informatics… That’s what I wanna to do!

And what does Falco do on his free time?

Falco: Partying…Chillin’ with friends…All that regular stuff! Ah yeah…don’t forget, I’m a Nerd 😉

What’s your food weakness?

Falco: I love Italian food!

How do you start a perfect day?

Falco: First something hearty and after that something sweet… And of course a good cup of coffee…that’s perfect!

Do you have a personal interest in fashion?

Falco: A little…but not that much…

So what kind of guy are you style-wise?

Falco: A t-shirt and a Jeans, always cool 😉

What are you currently listening to?

Falco: I love the Hives

Final Words?

Falco: I want to greet all who know me 😛

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