Age: 17

So, how did it all happen?

Leander: I got scouted when I did street shows at Berlin Alexanderplatz. After some time I met Melanie on [the] stairs and after I visited Enzo Laera (photographer) the next day I went to Viva.

When did you start modeling?

Leander: 1 year ago (think so)

Most memorable shoot to date?

Leander: When Enzo shot me while I was walking down Jannowitzbruecke only wearing underwear!

David Fischer: Schicksi mixi sexy hexi 😀

So, what’s so great about Berlin?

Leander: Berlin is cheap and strange!

Your favorite place?

Leander: Bar 25.

Plans after modeling?

Leander: No idea, but I’m still young.

What do you like to do on your free time?

Leander: Break dance, eating, going out.

What is your favorite food?

Leander: Fruits and Veggie Burgers ❤

What is the perfect breakfast?

Leander: Bircher muesli with fruits and sojamilk.

Are you interested in fashion?

Leander: Depends…

What is your personal style like?

Leander: Skinny jeans + basic t shirt.

What music are you currently listening to?

Leander: Walter Meego, The Drums, Libertines, Birdy Nam Nam, Air, Massive Attack, Boys Noize…

Final Words?

Leander: Your Mother Is Wasted On Facebook!

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