Here are some new polaroids of Eddie plus his full interview from the recent VIVA/Fashionisto colab…

How did you become a model?

Eddie: Someone asked me on the street, if I wanted to be in their advertising agency. Then I changed to VIVA after a few months, because I wanted to be in a proper model agency.

How old were you when you started?

Eddie: 17.

What is your most memorable shoot to date?

Eddie: The shoot in Madrid for Tendencias Fashionmag with Esteban Palazuelos as Photographer was most fun, because we had a great time during the shoot and could work together very well.

Let’s say you own a travel agency…where should people go for a great time in Germany?

Eddie: Hamburg: Party people should visit the fishmarket at the harbour early in the morning after a long party night. There you’ll meet absorbing, sinister or funny people, for example old sailors.

If you wanna party, the best thing is to find somebody who is throwing one at home, because the night clubs aren’t very sensational, but perhaps you’re lucky and some blogger or fashion store will host a party in a secret place like old catacombs.

What is your favorite place?

Eddie: My favourite place is everywhere I’m hanging out with my circle of friends.

What are your plans after modeling?

Eddie: My plans after modeling (or probably also in the meantime) or rather after school? Traveling either in India or South America, seeing the world from a different point of view. I have no explicit ideas about what I want to do in the future, but I definitely want to work independently!

Any activities?

Eddie: I’m playing the drums in two bands and like to take photographs while I’m partying/hanging out with all my friends. Keep records of my youth, so to say.

What’s your favorite food?

Eddie: Food? I’m a model, haha! Maybe a Japanese detox-soup once a week!

What’s the perfect day like?

Eddie: Sunday morning hangover-breakfast with my girlfriend in the same clothes we were wearing the night before.


Eddie: I like it, I’m interested in it. But still there’s more to look for in life. Bigger things.

What is your style like–what’s a typical outfit?

Eddie: Tank top, cardigan, jeans and doc. martens. Something between casual and messy.


Eddie: In the daytime: Punk. In the nighttime: Techno.

Final Words?

Eddie: “Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.” (Oscar Wilde)


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