Q&A – Our New Boy

Peter Bruder is our new lad on the books, and he dropped into the office today to answer some questions before skipping off to NYC… Recent photos by jlindrstroem.com

Peter! Where are you from?

Born in a small village near Frankfurt Main. And still live there.

Does fashion mean something to you?

It has always been important

Does working in the industry influence your style?

I would lie if I say no.

Do you read fashion magazines?

Of course I do sometimes- but it’s more for the pictures

How did you start modeling?

A couple of days before Milan 2009 I was discovered in front of my university, sitting, wishing for a better life

What was your best job so far?

One with a white baby lion in South Africa.

Which side of the buisness you do not like?

Unfortunately there are dark sides to the business. The worst thing for me is people sometimes see you more as product than human.

How is life in a model apartment?

It’s like holidays with your friends.

What kind of house would you like to live in when you’re old?

In my opinion it’s more important with whom you want to live. But a nice house at the beach.

How do you maintain your beauty?

I don’t really like to do anything.

What makes you stand out as a model?

For me it’s strange that I’m more able to work as a model than everyone else

Do you have a favourite model?

I love them all

What colour is your favourite animal?


Are your dreams in black-and-white, or in colour?

Tonight I’ll try to dream in black-and-white.

Which animals make you feel at home?


Who do you most want to see a picture of you?

The woman of my dreams maybe

Do you ever have frightening dreams?

Not really

What kind of sportsmen do you think have the best bodies?

Die Ruderburschen

Who do you think looks best when they smoke? (one person specifically)

My grandfather – he’s me, 50 years older.

What do you think being a man is?

Exhausting but wonderful

Wow. If you could live without eating, would you like that?

Maybe the first week

Are you attracted to models?

Who’s not?

How old do you think you’ll be when you can’t be a model any more?


Describe your body to a blind man.

It’s hard to discribe yourself, that’s why i would let him touch my face

><                                 ><

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